Collection: Retro Text Nursery Set

Introducing our retro text nursery set, designed to capture and celebrate every precious moment of your little one's growth. This thoughtfully curated collection includes Plywood Circle Milestone Cards and Clothes Dividers, ensuring that no milestone or adorable outfit goes unnoticed. These are offered in 8 stunning colour ways so you can pick the type best suited to you.

Our Plywood Circle Milestone Cards are the perfect companion to document your baby's growth from week one to month twelve. Crafted with care from high-quality plywood, these circular cards feature charming designs and space to note down important details, making them ideal for capturing those milestone moments. Keeping your baby's wardrobe organized has never been easier with our Clothes Dividers. These sturdy dividers are designed to fit standard closet rods, allowing you to sort and categorize your little one's clothes by sizes.