How to Bring the Joys of Santa to Your Home this Christmas

Santa is the ultimate Christmas gift giver. He brings joy to children world-wide, leaving presents for good little boys and girls in homes all over the globe. And who could forget the famous poem about Santa’s home? The one that tells us he lives on a “north-END” not a north-PEND! With your house being your home, you may feel like it lacks a bit of Christmas cheer. But don’t worry; we have some great ideas on how to bring the magic of Santa into your home this season.

Decorate Your Home With Festive Décor

You can bring a little more Christmas to your home by adding some festive décor. There’s no need to have a fully decorated home, but a few decorations here and there can really make a difference in the way your home feels. Christmas trees are a must-have decoration, but they don’t have to be just your standard pine trees. You can decorate a palm tree, or even just add a few pine branches to a corner of your home. You can also add Christmas lights to any trees you have in your home. You can also add lights to your roof, or to any bare walls in your home. Decorations don’t just have to be on the inside of your home either; you can add lights to your outside as well. You can even add a Christmas sign to your front lawn.

Leave treats out for Santa on a personalised tray

You can leave a gift out for Santa himself by setting out a special tray in your home for him. By setting out a tray of snacks and drinks, you can show Santa that you are expecting him. The tray can be as simple as a plate of cookies, or as elaborate as a full-on meal. The important thing is that it is something you would like to eat, so Santa knows you appreciate his visit. There are 7 different tray designs available to shop from.

Christmas home decor shopping ideas

Watch Christmas Movies and Shows

No matter your age, there is something magical about watching Christmas movies. Whether it is the acting, the plot, or the scenery, watching Christmas movies can really bring a little bit of Christmas to your home. When choosing your Christmas movie, make sure it is appropriate for the whole family. You don’t want to watch something that is only appropriate for an adult audience, as it won’t bring the magic of Christmas to your home. You can also watch Christmas shows during the lead up to Christmas; some shows feature episodes that are suitable for children during the holidays. By watching shows related to Christmas, you can bring a little more Christmas to your home and make it feel a little more festive.

Use stencils to show Santa's shoe print

You may have heard of the tradition of leaving a shoe print on the wall for Santa. However, the tradition is no longer about leaving a shoe print; it is now about leaving a boot print. When it comes to Santa, the red and white boot is his most famous footwear. By using stencils to leave a boot print on your floor, you can bring this Christmas tradition to life in your home. Buy these stencils and simply dust over them with flour to make it look like Santa has really been!

Christmas home decor shopping ideas

Final Words

Santa has the reputation of bringing joy and cheer to those in the world. While Santa visits children around the globe, you can bring the joy and cheer of Santa to your home. If you follow these tips, you can bring the magic of Santa to your home this Christmas. While you can bring joy to others by being a Santa to your family, you can also bring joy to your own home by bringing the magic of Santa to it. If you have any questions about these tips, make sure to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to share these tips with your friends and family so that they can bring the joys of Santa to their homes too!

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